Did you know that women are charged more than men for certain products or services just because we’re, well, women? It’s called the pink tax and you’ll find it in the price of fashion, dry cleaning services, and personal care. I came across one personal care brand that’s helping us in a small, but important way. What’s the one thing you probably do several times a week? Well, in the summer months anyway… Shave. Billie is a new brand that’s serving up cute razors and such for half the price of the shave brands you’re used to. But more importantly, it gives you the smoothest shave ever, and the packaging and razors will look cute af in your shower! Or, if you’re like me, on your counter because you either forget to shave while showering or think your legs aren’t going to show but then you change your outfit last minute. Anyone?

Billie is a subscription razor service.The Starter Kit comes with a handle, holder, and two replacement cartridges for $9. After that, Billie will ship you four replacement blades whenever you need them for $9 as well. Thanks for taking that item off our shopping lists! You can purchase the shave cream, lotion, and body wash a la carte which is nice. Head here to read up on what they’re about and how they’re giving back to us and women worldwide. It’s pretty dang thoughtful!

Did you know I’m really into packaging? And this logo is the cutest.

This post is sponsored by Billie. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support this blog.


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