an Earth Day resolution

This morning as I was scrolling through the countless Happy Earth Day notes and images on Insta and planning what cute image I’d post, I had a thought. Wait, what am I actually doing to celebrate Earth Day? To make an impact? So I decided to make a resolution. Like New Years but planet-specific, and one that I can actually commit to. I’m hoping that it’s a tradition I can continue each Earth Day, and one that you’ll think about joining in on too.  Now, I’m no tree hunger, but I’m finding that a little bit goes a long way in making my footprint a smaller one.

Here are a few resolutions I hope to make stick:


Buy organic basics — Non-organic cotton is the second most chemically sprayed crop out there. A simple cotton t-shirt, for example, takes a third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers to make. Yikes.

Cut back on red meat — I’m by no means a huge red meat eater but learning that it takes around 840 gallons of fresh water to produce 1 serving of red meat makes me want to switch over to turkey burgers for good.

Carry a reusable water bottle, always — Because recycling is tough on the go and this one is such a no brainer! I’m eyeing this leak-proof bottle that I can throw in my everyday tote with no worries.


To Mamma Earth, Happy Earth Day!


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