easy outdoor entertaining

When summer comes, my friends and I look for every excuse to be outside. I love to have gatherings in my apartment buildings outdoor space, but because it’s shared, there’s not a tone of time to prep or fawn over every detail. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’ve honed my skills for entertaining outdoors with a few simple elements that will help you and your soiree look totally pulled together. Keep scrolling for them all!

A crowd pleasing cocktail

Keep it simple by offering one signature cocktail. You can tell friends you’ll be serving a Ketel Botanicals & Soda or other universally yummy libation and that they’re also welcome to BYOB. A signature cocktail helps set the vibe and always serving one will quickly become your signature!

A simple table & grazing food

Monstera leaves are my all time go to when it comes to simple table settings. Just purchase a bundle and spread them flat on the table in a perfectly imperfect way.  They’re like a tablecloth, placemat, and centerpiece all in one! We then added succulents and a few lanterns to the mix for a lush, textured feeling table.

For food, no need to have a full on menu planned. Choose pretty bowls and plates and fill them with your favorite (weather appropriate) snacks. Your guests will graze as they chat it up.

Consider a dress code

I’m a firm believer in capturing moments, and I want my guests to look great for them! Don’t feel shy about suggesting an easy dress code like prints, neutrals, or wearing a flower in your hair. Choose something simple that everyone likely has in their closet anyway.

Splurge on memorable touches

Little details like cute cocktail napkins and festive drink accessories are a memorable touch your guests will appreciate. I prefer festive cloth napkins that can be reused, but you can also find fancy paper products that make cleaning a cinch!

Table styling by Ross & Moss

Happy Entertaining!


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