understated edge

GIRLS-OFF-FIFTH-x-Colette-Malouf-51Leather leggings, faux fur, and a chic sweater. All in black of course. It’s a recipe for a winter ensemble with understated edge. The bohemian vibe of tree branch crawler earrings and feather lariat necklace are the perfect juxtaposition to this strong monochrome look, while the dark encrusted cyrstals give a subtle metallic touch.
GIRLS-OFF-FIFTH-X-Colette-Malouf_outfit-1 GIRLS-OFF-FIFTH-x-Colette-Malouf-31 IMG_0040 GIRLS-OFF-FIFTH-x-Colette-Malouf-4 GIRLS-OFF-FIFTH-x-Colette-Malouf-7

Colette Malouf Raven Branch Earrings
Colette Malouf  Raven Feather Lariat
C. Wonder Vest
ZARA Boots






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