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Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving that kicks off the charitable season. We’re all guilty of getting a little preoccupied with our shopping lists this time of year, so it’s nice to have a reminder that the holidays aren’t just about giving gifts, but about giving back. This Giving Tuesday, I’m beyond excited to be an ambassador for the L’eggs Walk Tall initiative to empower women in the workplace in partnership with Dress for Success. I mean, talk about a timely and important cause. We talk about finding your tribe a lot on social media. Dress for Success is the ultimate tribe whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, workwear, and the toolkit to become girlboss in work and in life.  If you are not familiar with Dress for Success I highly recommend visiting to learn more and get involved with your local affiliate.

As a Walk Tall ambassador, I had the opportunity to style two deserving future boss babes, currently enrolled in the Dress for Success career program, in items from DFS NYC showroom. As women, we get pulled in so many directions and have near impossible expectations to meet.  It can sometimes be tough to Walk Tall through the world, and I believe that our clothes can work as a sort of armor that keeps us feeling empowered all day. I had the loveliest time getting to know Mary and Deniza, hear their journeys, and understand their senses of style. It was important to put them in clothes that not only look great, but make them feel confident. I put the finishing touches on each look with a pair of L’eggs which are perfect when going for a sleek, pulled together work look. They’re also budget friendly!

DFS is always in need of fresh pieces to help stock their showroom from young women with style—that’s where you come in! Next time you’re cleaning out your closet consider donating your gently used workwear, shoes, and accessories to DFS to help give women the confidence to crush it in their careers and lives. What a stylish way to give back, no?

If you’re too in love with your wardrobe to part with any pieces, or you want to do even more to support a fellow boss babe, you can donate here to Dress for Success this Giving Tuesday! A donation of $20 means career counseling sessions that will help her gain the confidence to Walk Tall into a job interview.

Speaking of interviews, keep scrolling for a little interview I did with L’eggs, where I chat about what the Dress For Success mission means to me, my Walk Tall mantra, go-to power pieces you should have in your closet, and more!

L’eggs: What does “walking tall” mean to you?

Me: For me, “walking tall” means living out your passion confidently and bringing your whole mind, body, and individual style to whatever you do. It’s so easy to play it safe and go with the status quo, but if you walk tall, you’re bound to stand out.

L’eggs: Why is Dress for Success an organization worth supporting?

Me: The importance of community among women has been a hot topic recently. Dress for Success has spent two decades bringing like-minded women together to develop the tools and style to pursue the careers of their dreams. If you want to see more women running things in the workplace, DFS is the perfect organization to support. The future is female, after all!

L’eggs: What’s your personal mantra to always remember to walk tall?

Me: I love this quote…”The only person better than you is buried deep inside of you.” It’s my reminder to break out of my comfort zone and leave an impression on the world, because no one else will do it quite like me.

L’eggs: What outfit gives you the most confidence to walk tall?

I like to pair feminine pieces with something more masculine, like a great fitting blazer. Feeling feminine is a source of power for me. And heels, of course. Not sky-high ones, but sturdy ones that make me feel tall and in control, yet grounded.

L’eggs: What are other things that inspire you to walk tall?

Me: My tribe of friends are all boss babes with entrepreneurial mindsets. They inspire me to take risks and own my career and journey.


EXPRESS Blazer (first look)

H&M Top, skirt & blazer

L’EGGS Silken Mist in Ultra Sheer Leg 



Thanks to L’eggs & thank YOU supporting the brands that support this blog.


  1. December 1, 2017 / 11:18 am

    Loved this post! Loved the photos but especially I found very amusing the quote you used: “The only person better than you is buried deep inside of you”. So beautiful.

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